GraRLS - Graphics Programming Language

GraRLS is my attempt at a programming language specifically designed for generating graphics. So far I seem to be the only person using the system so altough I have been using it for 18 months and have fixed a number of bug the must be more to be found.

The version here is a free version. It will produce static graphic images in a number of formats ( BMP, JPEG and PNG ). It will accept a single source file.

If you want to report a problem or seek help you can email me at As this is a brand new system I have no idea how much interest there will be, so I may not be able to respond to everything. If this becomes a problem I will update this message.

Before reporting any issues please check the Current Issues page.

Have a quick look through some of the tutorial pages to get an idea of the way the language works. There are also some examples here.

All the documentation is included in the download. The language specification is also here along with the tutorial.


The current system ( for Windows only at the moment ) can be downloaded here: Current Version ( 0.05 ) released 2021-01-30. See the Installation Guide.

Future Development

It was my aim to continue with serious development of the system and to port it to Linux but, due the the general lack of interest, future development will be limited my own private version of the system ( although any bug fixes that affect the public version will be released ). Due to the current epidemic and other disruptions to my life developement has ground to a halt. By 2022 I should be in a position to do more serious work on the system. Although this will probably never be released I will still try to report on features for those people interested in developing their own systems.

It was also my intention in the long run to release the source code. But due to the offensive ( and hipocritical1 ) attitude a member of the Free Software Fascists, I have decided that the source will never be released.


There are some third party libraries used by the system and they are acknowledged here.


The usual legal disclaimer is here.

[1] He condemned me for raising the possibility of charging for more advanded versions ( while still maintaining a free version ), yet the guy was registered with contracting sites - thus he clearly expected to be paid for his own work.