Language Files


The language files contain the text for various language specific items that can by written the the graphics file. It is possible for the user to add new language files, or create modified files for an existing language. The languge file used is set but the caller to the program rather than being built into the program itself (see the -lng flag for the command line and the Language field in the initialisation files).

All the string have four forms. The upper case and lower case versions. There capitalised case - where the first character is upper case and the rest is lower. There is also as default case. This is because some languages, like English use capitialed month names etc. where as spanish does not capitalise them by default.

These four forms are distingished by the suffixes 'U', 'L', 'C' and 'D'.

Each set consists of a fixed number of string appropriate the the set. For weekdays there are seven string, for months twelve. The strings are delimited by commas and the final string in the set is followed by a semicolon. The strings themselves can contain any unicode character. The ini file syntax does not support escape code ( e.g. 05F4 etc. ) so the file will need be created with a Unicode editor.

To get a better idea of how these work look at some of the language files that appear with the system.


There are four name sets used by dates.


There are seven strings for the weekdays; the first is for Monday and the last for Sunday.


There are twelve strings for the months; the first is for January and the last for December.


These are for the ordinal suffix for dates, the 'st' in '1st' etc. There are 31 suffixes in each set.


These are for the am/pm indicators that may be used for times. There are two, the first for am and the second for pm.



These are for the logical value True and False. There are two values the first for false and the second for true.


MonthsU = "JANUARI", "FEBRUARI",  "MARS",  "APRIL", "MAJ", "JUNI",

MonthsL = "januari", "februari",  "mars",  "april", "maj", "juni",
		 "juli", "augusti", "september", "oktober", "november", "december";

MonthsC = "Januari", "Februari",  "Mars",  "April", "Maj", "Juni",
		 "Juli", "Augusti", "September", "Oktober", "November", "December";

MonthsD = "januari", "februari",  "mars",  "april", "maj", "juni",
		 "juli", "augusti", "september", "oktober", "november", "december";

DaysL = "måndag", "tisdag", "onsdag", "torsdag", "fredag", "lördag", "söndag";
DaysC = "Måndag", "Tisdag", "Onsdag", "Torsdag", "Fredag", "Lördag", "Söndag";
DaysD = "måndag", "tisdag", "onsdag", "torsdag", "fredag", "lördag", "söndag";

SuffixU =   ":A", ":A", ":E", ":E", ":E", ":E", ":E", ":E", ":E", ":E",
	    ":A", ":A", ":E", ":E", ":E", ":E", ":E", ":E", ":E", ":E",
	    ":A", ":A", ":E", ":E", ":E", ":E", ":E", ":E", ":E", ":E",

SuffixL =   ":a", ":a", ":e", ":e", ":e", ":e", ":e", ":e", ":e", ":e",
	    ":a", ":a", ":e", ":e", ":e", ":e", ":e", ":e", ":e", ":e",
	    ":a", ":a", ":e", ":e", ":e", ":e", ":e", ":e", ":e", ":e",

SuffixC =   ":A", ":A", ":E", ":E", ":E", ":E", ":E", ":E", ":E", ":E",
	    ":A", ":A", ":E", ":E", ":E", ":E", ":E", ":E", ":E", ":E",
	    ":A", ":A", ":E", ":E", ":E", ":E", ":E", ":E", ":E", ":E",

SuffixD =   ":a", ":a", ":e", ":e", ":e", ":e", ":e", ":e", ":e", ":e",
	    ":a", ":a", ":e", ":e", ":e", ":e", ":e", ":e", ":e", ":e",
	    ":a", ":a", ":e", ":e", ":e", ":e", ":e", ":e", ":e", ":e",

AmPmU	= "AM", "PM";
AmPmL	= "am", "pm";
AmPmC	= "Am", "Pm";
AmPmD	= "am", "pm";

LogicalU = "FALSKT", "SANT";
LogicalL = "falskt", "sant";
LogicalC = "Falskt", "Sant";
LogicalD = "Falskt", "Sant";