System Compound Types


This is used to store a 3 component colour together with an opacity ( 'alpha' ) value.

Number red = 0 - percentage intensity of the red component.

Number green = 0 - percentage intensity of the red component.

Number blue = 0 - percentage intensity of the blue component.

Number opacity = 100 - percentage opacity. This used in overwrite modes.

NumberArray Number[]

This is an open array of Numbers. It is intended for the dashlist parameter of the TBrush type.


This is a structure to hold a coordinate.

Number x - This the x coordinate - going left to right.

Number y - This the y coordinate - going top to bottom.

Number z = 0 - This is an optional z coordinate that is not currently used by the drawing routines but may be useful to the user.


This is used to store an image. Image structure are always generated by the system. You should not try to create an images structure directly - not even using the structure modification operator.

Number width - this is the width of the image in pixels.

Number height - this is the height of the image in pixels.

EImageMode mode - this is type of image stored.


This is used for the global Status datum.

Logical usergen - this is True if the current status was set by a user 'Error' statement. It will be False if the error was generated by the system.

EReportCat category - This indicated the general category of the error.

Text source - This contains a formatted text representation of the location in the source code where the error was generated. This will be Null if the error originated in a library module.

Text message - This contains a general description of the error.

Text param - This contains an optional extra description of the error.